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The pollution in the environment is anything that has altered from its natural state to an unnatural state,for example oil into plastic or rubber, when this is burn it creates a pollution very hard to the environment to digest.
If you know,
what have we done
to the environment
what would you do?
The pollution train is rolling
Effects of Used Oil. 

Dumped used oil pollutes!

Used oil dumped in the ground or down drains pollutes, causing soil and water pollution. Such oil may enter the food chain harming wildlife, and eventually affecting human health!

  • The high concentration of metal in used oil can be toxic e.g. lead, zinc, barium, phosphorous, sulphur and magnesium.
  • Certain compounds in used oil such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), can be very dangerous to health, some even causing cancer.
  • Some of the additives used in lubricants can also contaminate the environment.
  • Other contaminants accumulate in oil during use such as fuel, antifreeze/coolant, water, wear metals, metal oxides and combustion products.
  • One gallon of used oil can pollute million gallons of fresh water.
  • If disposed of in a water body or soil, waste oil can block oxygen from reaching micro-organisms that are supposed to decompose it into non hazardous compounds.

What can you do?
It is vitally important you do not dump used oil or put it down drains.

All you have to do is place your used oil in a collection tank at your local participating service station. The used oil is then taken away by Environmental Systems to an environmentally friendly recycling plant.

How is used oil recycled?
The oil industry in Botswana has joined forces to combat the potentially serious environmental hazard posed by used oil. A collection service has now been formed for all oil users, large or small, to participate in.

Environmental Systems, a citizen-owned company, is paid by the oil companies to collect oil from small and medium users such as garages, workshops and do-it-yourself mechanics.

The oil companies have also arranged to collect used oil from their large customers such as the Botswana Defence Force and the Central Transport Organisation.

All the used oil is delivered to an environmentally friendly recycling plant.

What is used oil?
Used oil is any oil that has become contaminated as a result of its usage e.g. lubricants (engine, turbine or gear), hydraulic fluids, metal working fluids, insulating fluids and coolants.

Waste oil is any oil that has become contaminated prior to its intended use e.g. crude oil spills, oily sludge at the bottom of storage tanks and oily wastes from refineries.

This initiative collects used oil only i.e. oil contaminated through its usage. We do not collect used oil polluted with solvents, cleaning fluids or other hazardous wastes.
Authorised waste disposal companies should handle the disposal of these wastes.


Any person found guilty of dumping used oil which pollutes the environment shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $14, 000 and/or imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years. Refer to the Awareness Strategy for more details.
 This what we have done to the environment, in the last hundred years.
The invention of cars, around the world start making  pollution of carbon monoxide, this gas exaust have a very pungent toxin to the environment.
In the 1900s The industrial revolution was pogresing at a hight rate and a very ineresting phenomenon was happening. Same it did hapen around the world, and more specifically in Mexico.
Land lords were taken small farmers land and buying them, then small farmers become peasants, working for the Land lords, which in turn land lord provide  them with housing and grocery store, basically becoming slaves.
Well my friend belive it or not! With all this DEMOCRACY around the planet
In the last hundred years, have evolved unto a killing machine!
Then Farmers land lords, Industrial land lords, technocratas lords, Aristocratechnocrats lords, And the consumercrats lords, and of course
the military mafia
has made
this planet
 and if you really care about it!
What would you do!
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